Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Remember that time?

Remember that time I started the 21 Day Blogging Challenge? Well, it turns out I hit a roadblock, so I just stopped blogging. I reached the prompt: "The hardest thing you've ever experienced." I pondered and pondered, and I just couldn't come up with anything. Lame, I know. Truth be told, I honestly couldn't come up with anything.

So then, I started wondering. Had I really never experienced anything hard, or was I just looking for something "blog-worthy?" Surprising, I know, but it was the second. I was so focused on impressing my readers (all 3 of them, probably), that I thought it'd be easier to just not write anything. So, I stopped writing. I waited for inspiration, and it didn't come.

Today, I came across a new blog: The 22nd Year. I've met the writer (after all, FFA-land is a small world), but I don't know her personally. However, her blog really made me think. She often writes about wanting to "find something more." I realized I'm on the same journey, searching for something more. It's a journey that no "blogging challenge" can help me appreciate.

I'm throwing in the towel on the Blogging Challenge. (Truth be told, I threw it in back in July, the last time I blogged.) Instead, I'm going to start blogging about meaningful things. I'm going to write about creating a legacy (through my beautiful boys), inspiring others (as those opportunities hopefully arise) and finding inspiration myself, my goals and dreams for the future, and things that have meaning to me. (I will still throw in a craft or two here or there, because those help me take time to slow down, and I enjoy seeing the projects evolve to completion.)

So, here goes, a new feel for my blog, but hopefully it will help me appreciate this journey I'm on.


  1. Thanks for throwing the blogging challenge to the birds ::rolls eyes:: ;) JK! I'm proud of you - can't wait to read :) :)

  2. Hey now! At least I attempted to rescue my blog! J/k, I know you're super busy being an awesome photographer!