Monday, December 19, 2011

"O" is for "Organization"

Here are three quick tips for organizing your home. I'll do my best to give credit where credit is due.

Problem: Plastic Grocery Sacks Reproducing and Cluttering Your Kitchen Cabinets
Solution: Fold 'Em Up
Credit: Ms. Wensink over at

These plastic bags are folded "paper football" style and stored in a quart mason jar. I can fit about 13 bags in one jar, and really, why do I need to keep more than that on hand?

Problem: Bobby Pins That Just Won't Stay Put
Solution: Magnetize and Organize

For $1.97, I bought a package of magnetic stripping at Wal-mart. On the inside of one of my bathroom drawers, I put the strip (already has adhesive on it.) Voila! The bobby pins and barrettes stick to it like a charm.

Problem: Hair Ties Galore
Solution: The Glass is Half-Full
Credit: My Own Personal Genius

I took a glass we weren't using from the kitchen cabinet, and stacked my hair ties up the outside. I racked headbands around it and filled the inside with clips and miscellaneous thingy majigs. Where I did have a cheap plastic basket that I've had since college, I know have something that looks a little nicer and is much easier to maneuver, since I don't have to dig and dig, when all I want is a ponytail holder!

Happy organizing! Please share your own tricks of the trade.


  1. My biggest "trick of the trade" the Container Store :) I could spend hours in there! I am also a fan of homemade shelves in my furnace room, to make up for my lack of cupboard. I use stacking baskets in my laundry room for all my soaps and wallflowers/scentport/scentbug refills. I have not bought one yet, but thought a small show organizer that hangs over the door would be great for organizer gloves, hats and scarves. Biggest teaching plus erasable sharpie file folders. I forget the name, but you can write in marker then erase it when you want.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Amy. I've never been to the Container Store! I'll have to check it out.