Sunday, October 2, 2011

So, let's take a second to catch our breath...

I'm sitting here on a typical Sunday morning, drinking coffee, thinking about the day ahead, and enjoying the beautiful sunrise God has given us right outside my office window! I'm also listening to some of my favorite tunes, appropriately named "Jesus Music" in my iTunes. One of the first songs that played on shuffle this morning was "Sometimes" by Matt Brouwer. Here's the video:

One of my favorite lines is "Sometimes there can be so much more beyond what we see." What a great reminder! This weekend, our pastor delivered a beautiful message reminding us that God is the father. Just like earthly parents make plans that their children don't always understand, God does the same thing for us. We need to remember that He loves us, and He knows us better than we know ourselves. He, not us, has everything under control.

As a textbook Type A personality, I am focused, set goals, and work to get where I want to be. Too often, though, I neglect to understand the power of God's hand in my life. I know He's always there, but sometimes I cast aside the whole "He's in charge," part. My prayer for today is that I can let go of the challenges and tribulations that I face and hand those to God. He's my father, and He knows what's best. I pray for patience and understanding when my plans don't come to fruition, because it's His plans that matter. 

"So, let's take a second to catch our breath, and realize this isn't over yet..."  

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