Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back to Blogging... For Now

Almost four months has passed since I blogged last. That's a third of a year. I hate the cliche' phrase "time flies," but it's so true. In just a couple of months, I'm going to turn 25. When did that happen? Greg and I have been married almost two years. A small drop in the bucket, I know, but still it's pretty incredible since it seems like yesterday. I'm in my third year of teaching. Never thought I'd step foot into a classroom. All those examples just go to show that time does have a tendency slip away from us. I guess that's why it's even more important that we live lives of purpose.

One of my biggest struggles with blogging is finding something valuable to write. I mean, anyone can write what they had for lunch today, but I want to write with deeper meaning. So, instead of backtracking like I have for a while, I'm going to start living in the moment. I can't promise that I'll write every week, but i am going to look for more examples of purpose, value, and meaning and my daily life and share those with you.

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