Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our front door

One of my goals for this year is to keep something on our front door all the time. I think it makes our house feel more welcoming. Plus, it gives me a project to do every month and a half or so when I change out the door hanging. 

The best of today's project was it's cost. It was CHEAP. Here are the materials I bought, all from Wal-mart.

1 grapevine wreath: $2.50
1 bunch of silk hydrangea: $3
1 bunch of silk roses: $.94
1 bunch of silk honeysuckle: $.94

Total cost: $7.38

(I also used a glue gun and a stick, which I already had on hand. Also, I didn't use all of the flowers, so I saved them for another project.)

The second best part of today's project was the time it took to complete. Literally, in three minutes it was hanging on my door!

Here's the finished project:

Happy crafting!

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