Saturday, June 4, 2011

Moving on

They say change isn't easy, and I would definitely agree. Nonetheless, change can bring about a wonderful opportunity to think and to reflect. That's where I am today.

Two and a half years ago, I graduated college, started a new job, and got married... all within a week! I still have the college diploma, and Greg and I are doing great, but it's time to move on to a new job. It's a bittersweet transition, but I hope it will be the right one.

People told me I was crazy for taking the job I did. I replaced a legendary teacher who had tragically passed away mid-year. He had taught at the same school for 28 years. I hadn't even been out of college 28 days! Sure, the first few months were rough, but I survived, and I adamantly believe I'm a better teacher for it.

There have been ups and downs throughout the time I've been at Bellevue, but I can honestly say that I'm thankful for the opportunity I've had to meet incredible students and parents. I'm blessed to have started my career when and where I did. I look forward to using the experiences I've gained as I shift gears and start a new part of my career.

Toward the end of the school year, my juniors and seniors read the book Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. (If you're not familiar with the book, it's one that will change your life. Check out the website here.) At the same time, senior English students were reading Tuesdays with Morrie. I approached the English teachers to do a collaborative project, since the themes of the books were very similar. The result was a day of "life lessons." We invited in guest speakers to share life lessons with the students. Around the room, we hung up posters that the students made with information about themselves and lessons that they had gained from reading the book. One component they had to include on their posters was five tribute poems to teachers that had taught them something about themselves. I was honored to be included on some of the posters. It made the past two and half years worth the sweat, tears, and frustration I experienced from time to time. Here are some of the poems the students wrote that either made me smile or cry:

As I start a new job this school year, I will cherish the opportunities I've had professionally in the last two and a half years. I will carry those with me as I meet a new group of students and attempt to impact their lives', just as my kiddos at Bellevue have impacted mine.

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