Monday, April 13, 2009

Long overdue post

I'm sure you've been waiting anxiously for my latest update, so here goes!

I am officially on spring break. We had Good Friday off, then all of this week as well. It's kind of weird not being at school. Weirder yet is the fact that when we go back, there are only 6 weeks left in this school year. I don't know how I'm going to finish everything I want to get through with my students! This school year has definitely flown by. I still get questions pretty much constantly of, "How are things going?" with that concerned kind of eyebrow raise and quiet voice. I think people must believe I'm sugarcoating things when I say, "They're great!" I know that I was probably temporarily insane when I accepted the position, but it is going so much better than I could have imagined. I definitely have top-notch students. Every day, it is more and more my program. Sure, there are frustrations, but I really do enjoy it.

Easter weekend was nice. Greg and I went to my mom's for lunch on Saturday and spent some time with the family. His family had dinner yesterday, so we also hung out with them for a while. My culinary masterpieces continue to amaze me. I cooked the ham for Saturday, which wasn't that big of a deal, but yesterday I made a cheese tray (complete with the crinkle cuts, thanks to my Pampered Chef gadget), cream cheese and chocolate chip dip for graham crackers, and grasshopper pie. I was quite proud of my Better Crocker-ness. Of course, the food and fellowship bow in comparison to the real reason for Easter- Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and rising again!

Greg is getting pretty busy preparing to be in the fields. Some times I wish I understood more of what's going on. I feel like he has to explain it to be 53 times before I comprehend. Then, I think about the fact that I have an ag background. How must people who have no idea what agriculture is view planting season? 

More to come later. :)


  1. Um, I feel like I am sooo out of the loop on what is going on in your life these days! You have a "real" position?? You are seriously such a rockstar...teach tons of students, bake amazingness, care for your husband, and tell the Gospel...all in a days work for you, right:)

    Enjoy Spring Break!!!

  2. So, here's the thing: back in October, a teacher about a half of an hour from Greg's passed away in a car accident. It just so happened that they were interviewing for a long-term sub at the same time I was graduating! In fact, I graduated on a Sunday, started on that Monday, and got married the following Saturday. Do things have a way of working out? I think so! I'm staying there for the next school year, and we'll see from there.

    I assume that things are working out as well for you as you get ready to graduate. ;)